Online Assessment Exams

Does your business utilise the knowledge of others within your company to educate others?

Does your business evaluate and financially reward people based on their skill progression and knowledge?

Can you say you have a fair and unbiased way of carrying out the above?

Even if you are able to carry out fair assessments or not, we at Pro Communications can create the tools for ensuring you are able to do this. Whether you are assessing someone for a salary increase, bonus, or career promotions using our ONLINE ASSESSEMENT EXAMS you will be able to achieve this without question. We can even allow you to give the people within your business regular assessments of knowledge that is required by business regulations or accreditations.

By designing and creating a bespoke exam or assessment course we can build you hundreds of online exams for the people in your business to take and prove to you that they are a valued asset to your business and to show your clients that the people who are interacting with them are true professionals within your portfolio arena.

For the managers or team leaders they will be able to know when someone has taken an exam or assessment, they will know the results of the test and be able to see the areas of education required , if the test is failed, in order to re-educate that person. You will be able to compare peoples skill levels across your business and utilise the higher skilled people to help those with lesser skill levels to progress to a higher level.

Below are a couple of examples of what can be produced for your business.