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Professional Bespoke Web Site Design and Web Services. Click here to find out more!
Intercom, Security Access, & CCTV


Pro Communications can design, install, train you, and maintian your Hikvision CCTV system. We can provide analogue or full IP systems with access to live streams from you cameras on your phone or tablet so you can keep an eye on things whilst on the move or on holiday.

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What is a traditional intercom system?

A traditional intercom system would have allowed a visitor at an entry point to a building to have a button or buttons to call a reception or apartment in a complex and then for the reception or occupier of the apartment to press a button on their intercom and allow the visitor access to the building. Very basic usage but now our intercom systems have moved forward to meet much more sophisticated and complex requirements.

Why are our systems no longer just a basic intercom system?

Using the latest electronics and environmentally friendly technology we are able to offer a sophisticated solution that not only allows traditional analogue stations to be used in an environment that doesn't have up to date structured cabling but is now capable of using IP & SIP protocol stations.

Some of the benefits of moving to IP or SIP based solution means that we have more integration control to and from to 3rd party security access solutions, utilising an IP exchange / server allows the expansion of the solution to remote sites without incurring additional costs of servers and much much more.

We can connect 552 IP / SIP devices across a global network with one exchange / server and providing a seamless system in excess of 130,000 endpoints!

This type of solution allows a central control to operate security access across your organisation therefore reducing your man power overheads!

You can even have an intercom on your laptop or desk pc now!

We can also integrate into CCTV systems utilisng a variety of CCTV camears such as AXIS, Bosch, UDP, Avigilon, and many more with certified integration to front end security management and CCTV systems such as Cortech, Lennel, CCURE, Milestone, Genetec and many more.

Whilst being able to integrate into the above CCTV systems we can also provide bespoke intercom panels to house you prefered manufacturer of CCTV camera.

Our solutions can be very cost effective and allow you to manage and expand your security access with ease and with low ongoing costs.

We partner with one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of intercom systems and security access integration. To find out more about these solutions click on our enquiry link and send us your details and we will be happy to contact you without obligation.


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